Freshener bowl clip
Tip Top Clean

Freshener bowl clip "CITRUS MANGO" 10/1

Item code: 847583006520
Barkod: TTC 6520
Šifra proizvođača: 3871284018923
• High quality, effective fragrance delivery for up to 30 days for toilet bowls and the surrounding area.
• Clip and go, clip and throw technology, Airloop clips to the toilet bowl tightly yet is easy to replace in one simple action.
• Flexible EVA, to fit to various size and shaped toilet rims.
• Limit blockages, designed to be ‘flush safe’ to limit the chance of toilet blockages.
• Multi-purpose and versatile, can be clipped on a variety of different objects other than the toilet bowl, such as desks, cupboards, table edges and gym equipment.
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Basic information
Item number TTC 6520
Bar code 847583006520
Product name Freshener bowl clip "CITRUS MANGO" 10/1
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Brand Tip Top Clean
Measurement unit pack
Length 7 cm
Width 6.5 cm
Height 5.5 cm
Weight 0.558 kg
Logistics information
Sales unit 1
Basic Package 10
Inner pack /
Transport box 6

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