1. Gataric d.o.o. partners (legal entity)

You must be logged in as a registered / existing user to be able to access Online Shopping on our site.
This means that a user who has signed in to our site - registered as a ''Gataric d.o.o.''  business partner (legal entity). More precisely, a registered user implies that he, with complete identification data, exists in "Gataric d.o.o. '' business partners base, from where it is validated as a stable and trusted legal entity, who can create online orders and make purchases through Gatarić b2b Shop. This rule applies to all "Gataric d.o.o." business partners.

2. New Gataric d.o.o. partners (legal entity)

A user (legal entity) who registers through  automatically passes through the validation process, after which his data is transported to the internal "Gataric d.o.o." partner register. After that, the newly-registered user  partner is informed through an e-mail notification in which he / she  receives the so-called. '' cipher confirmation invitation '' in the format of the linked instruction. Confirmation of a user's order is simple and easy, it is only necessary to follow the link in the lower part of the invitations and confirm your unique user code. After the code verification, the newly-registered user / partner becomes a regular (existing) "Gataric d.o.o." partner and gets the opportunity to place his goods online, via Gataric b2b Shop.

3. Natural persons

For unregistered users (natural persons) the registration process is very simple.
The user is required to enter basic personal information. To begin registration as a natural person, in the top right corner of the site, by clicking on the REGISTRATION field, opens the space in which you need  to enter the required information. When you enter the data, your email will be sent to the link. By clicking on the link you have successfully registered and you can continue the steps. After a successful login to the site, if you want to post, clicking on the "heart icon'' will automatically fill in all your desired items in your favourites list - "wish list", after which you can submit it to the Inquiry. Soon, after reviewing your listing, some of our operators will inform you about the terms of delivery and payment, with a precise calculation of the items  you listed.