Tip Top Clean

"Touchfree" towel dispenser

Item code: 3871284085185
Item number: TTC 408518
• The dispenser offers optimal hygiene
• Suitable for paper rolls
• Sensor field that goes over the entire width
• Works completely non-contact
• The required paper length can be infinitely adjustable from 15 to 80 cm
• Adjustable pause function from 0.5 to 5 seconds enable the maximum savings potential
• Durable metal lock
• Recess for easy attachment
• Quick change of paper rolls
• Easy replacement of the AN 1504-0000 batteries
• Extremely low energy consumption, one battery pack is sufficient for 100 towel rolls a 140m
• Dimensions (Hx5xD): 345X330X215mm
• Material: Plastic
• Case color: white
• Qualiti made in germany
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Professional drying

The dispenser offers optimal hygiene

This paper roll dispenser is the only dispenser with a sensor field covering the whole width. It works completely contact-free, so no direct contact is necessary. The paper feed takes place only on request and spreads thus hygienically clean paper. The dispenser works most economically and offers the highest savings potential.
Less paper consumption compared to folded towel paper.The required paper length is continuously adjustable from 15 to 80 cm. Hereby one meets the different requirements, so no paper is wasted. There will be a huge reduction in consumption and waste production achieved. Adjustable time delay of 0.5 to 5 seconds It serves to consciously reduce costs.

The energy consumption is extremely low, so that one battery pack is sufficient for up to 120 towel rolls of 140 m each. The donor is very functional Filling the dispenser takes just a few steps. The large filling capacity. With the help of the residual role function, the dispenser enables the complete use of each towel roll. It is always filled and ready to use. A viewing window enables consumption control. The dispenser is very stable It is made of impact-resistant plastic. A solid metal lock prevents access from the outside and prevents theft. Ideal for exchanging existing  Due to many cutouts in the rear wall of the housing, the replacement is usually without drilling possible. Ideak for all needs.  We offer three different towel rolls, the right roll for every purpose. High quality that meets all requirements.


To achieve the best results, we recommend industrial batteries from Ansmann Germany AN 1504-0000.

Basic information
Item number TTC 408518
Bar code 3871284085185
Product name "Touchfree" towel dispenser
Category Hand paper towel dispenser
Brand Tip Top Clean
Color Light gray
Measurement unit pcs
Length 21.5 cm
Width 33 cm
Height 34.5 cm
Weight 3.2 kg
Logistics information
Sales unit 1
Basic Package 1
Inner pack /
Transport box 1

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• Mechanical • No batteries • Less consumable paper compared to folded towel paper •...
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• The dispenser offers optimal hygiene • Suitable for paper rolls • Sensor field that...
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• The dispenser offers optimal hygiene • Suitable for paper rolls • Sensor field that...
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