Household dustpan with broom
Tip Top Clean

Household dustpan with broom

Item code: 3871284015229
Item number: TTC 401522*
• The thick broom hairs collect even the smallest solid pieces of waste.
• The upper part of the shovel is covered with a rubber band so that the shovel adheres perfectly to the ground.
• Cleaning is faster and easier.
• You can keep everything around you sparkling clean anytime as it is easy to take anywhere.
• In addition to the robustness, the simple and easy handling is an additional advantage.
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Basic information
Item number TTC 401522*
Bar code 3871284015229
Product name Household dustpan with broom
Category Brooms and brushes
Brand Tip Top Clean
Measurement unit pack
Length / cm
Width / cm
Height / cm
Weight 0.17 kg
Logistics information
Sales unit 1
Basic Package 1
Inner pack /
Transport box 18

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