Gataric Group - Winner of German Design Award for Smart Vision

Gataric Group is the winner of the prestigious design award for 2024. for its Smart Vision line of contactless hygiene devices.

The prize was awarded by the German Design Council. According to the jury, the Smart Vision product line presents itself in a modern, clean design that reflects the requirements for modern hygiene needs down to the last detail.

Smart Vision presents a range of innovative products for smart hygiene, consisting of automatic sensor dispensers for paper towels, fragrance dispensers, soap dispensers and much more. In addition to its simple and clean design, it features a low noise level (no disturbance during nightime) and low energy consumption, providing a quiet and comfortable user experience.

With its continuous innovations in the field of hygiene, Gataric Group continues to expand its product network and advance to the very top of hygiene industry.

You can find out more about the award here.

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