Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box
Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box
Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box
Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box

Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box

Item code: 6954884578596
Item number: KR 971408
• fast-track device compass
• completely variable radius setting through convenient button mechanism
• additional extension, create circles up to 640mm diameter
• in PVC box
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Basic information
Item number KR 971408
Bar code 6954884578596
Product name Compass set ''Compass'', in PVC box
Category Compasses
Brand Keyroad
Color Blue
Measurement unit pcs
Length 22.3 cm
Width 8.5 cm
Height 2.3 cm
Thickness / µm
Weight 0.196 kg
Logistics information
Sales unit 1
Basic Package 12
Inner pack /
Transport box 96
Palette /

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